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Little Iron Men

A true story.  When a battalion of American soldiers is trapped two miles behind German lines, the 442nd, an all Japanese-American unit, sets out to save them, no matter the cost.

Facing a determined German defense and a prejudice that has forced their families into American internment camps, Sergeant Takashi Senzaki and his platoon must overcome impossible odds in order to gain the respect of America and find meaning in their sacrifice.

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  1. harvey gamba says:

    hi i love world war ll stories and i was fascinated by the the story of the 442 batallion japanese american unit who fought in europe i would really appreciate if something really good came with the movies or hopefully get a copy of this great epic.tnx keep me posted

  2. Bentley says:

    I am an American History teacher and I also teach a WW II class for middle schoolers!! I have been waiting to see this film for about three years—-please tell me that it will be released soon!!

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